Ballet Fitness

Ballet Fitness class for adult for all the levels.

[Ballet technique, Excercises based on classique ballet, Floor exercise, Fitness Dance] 

Join our regular classes for your health, spirit and your creativity.

Free your mind and find the joy of DANCING!

Ballet Fitness : open level

This class is based on easy ballet exercises for adults who wish to improve their physical condition, health and beauty! Beginning with simple exercises with the bar or floor, releasing the muscles with respiration and slowly activate it with music. This class is adaptable from beginner to experienced. By focusing on your inner muscles, you will achieve your basic strength and muscular strength. Consequently, it would promote your basal metabolism. This class can help you reduce your body fat percentage and achieve a great fit! Stretching exercises will help you relax and release your stiff muscles from everyday habits.

Studio L
Compagnie Linga
Av. de Lavaux 41
1009 Pully
L’Octogone Théâtre de Pully
+41 (0)21 / 721 36 03

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