TUBAKI on tour

TUBAKI, established by the members of Monday Contemporary Dance Class with Ai Koyama participated in the Dance Festival Tanzmehr Bühne in Zurich on 26th October 2023. TUBAKI presented “GOING MY WAY” at Kulturmarkt and it was finished with great success!!!
Thanks to the dancers for their devotion, courage, and beauty, Jordi Terés, Luis Ordonez, Victor Müller, and Caroline Heussi. Thanks to Tanzmehr Bühne Festival and thanks to compagnie Linga for your support!

Warm up for the audience! Small activity before the show, was actually a great idea, thanks Tina 🙂

Ai was the most nervous of all, dancers were brave and well expressed themself!

Photos Maria Cheilopoulou / Tanzmehr Bühne Festival

Bravo TUBAKI ♡ We made it !!!


Ai Koyama(@ai_koyamaa)がシェアした投稿

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